Virtual Data Access Components


Components with database functionality, for RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ and Lazarus environment

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Virtual Data Access Components is a set of three different components for RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ and Lazarus environment. These components provide database functionality, without needing to use a database. Such functionality include, storing data in memory or extending array as a dataset, and then performing SQL queries on this data.

TVirtualQuery component is used for querying data from datasets, by using SQL statements. TVirtualTable component includes features from TDataSet, and has the ability to store data in memory. This data can be loaded from different data sources, such as XML file or another dataset, and can be queried using TVirtualQuery. TVirtualDataSet component can represent different data sources, such as arrays and objects, as datasets, and can also be queried using TVirtualQuery component.

These components can be deployed on Windows, Android and other supported operating systems, on both 32 and 64 bit architectures. Data inserted into components can also be exported to file, and there are also design-time editors included, which allows you to load or save data from TVirtualTable, edit queries for TVirtualQuery component, and similar operations. There is also support for locating records, creating filters and sorting by field name, amongst others.

Such components can prove especially useful when used for developing mobile applications. Also, all the latest versions of Delphi and C++ development environments are supported, and there is also support for older versions.

• Database functionality without using a database
• Support for locating records, creating filters, sorting by field name and similar
• Import and export data from file
• Design-time editors
• Intended for users with background knowledge in programming field


What's new in this version

• Lazarus is supported

Minimum requirements

• An application based on VirtualDAC does not require any additional files or client libraries

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• 60-day trial

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